February Update

The birds have been pretty hungry lately with some hard frosts. The days are a bit warmer now, for the time being. We obviously have half a dozen sparrows at the feeders most of the time but when they take a break we get some more colourful visitors. We had a couple of crested tits, which are the first we’ve seen this year. The nuthatches show up in twos and the greater spotted woodpeckers are also coming in pairs. Could it be spring. Great tits are starting nests in the holes in the wall.

All in all a busy time.

… and don’t let me insult sparrows. They are very colourful.

Colourful in his own way
Definitely less colourful
Again quite sober, but really cute
More colour with the female
Even more colour with the male
Right way up for once

The chief invader remains the squirrel who, inspite of all my fancy rigging, still devours our fat balls. He is colourful too.

I get food in my whiskers too

Enjoy the coming of spring.


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