Mad March

Still almost no rain. But cold, and the ground remains hard. The number of visitors to the garden is growing all the time.

Before we look in the garden we managed to see the thrushes again at the Versoix woods.

In the garden the prettiest event was the “Charm” of goldfinches, at least nine, that used all the feeders and still needed space on the ground.

They were happy to share with the other customers. Amongst them the many sparrows, the greenfinches and the various tits

We have a new female woodpecker, I needed a lot of shots to see the back of her neck, at which point I think she looks quite indignant.

The robin looks well and undisturbed by the crowds. Though he is not given to sharing.

The Hawfinch surprised us by reappearing for a day, but has since disappeared again. Look at the size of him. Twice as big as a greenfinch and about three times as big as a blue tit.

The crested tit is back too and seems to hang around a lot more.

Finally there is the crow who decided to venture into the crowd. An unusual occurrence.