Bitterly Cold January

Happy new year. I hope you’re warm and well fed. Our expenditure on bird food has risen somewhat. Not helped by the Squirrels (at least two) and the mice (also at least two) .

What’s new is finding a bird watcher`’s diary to help me log what I’ve seen. I chose “Birder’s Diary” which seems pretty neat. You can load checklists appropriate to your area, but can also add “accidentals”. Today, for example I’ve spotted 10 different species before lunch.


My other quandary is the Marsh tit/Willow tit question. We’re tending to thinking Marsh tit. What do you think?

The green woodpecker called last week. Haven’t seen him in a while:

And a couple of other pictures that turned out ok:

Mouse with big ears and stomach

Have a great 2022.


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