What we did on our summer holidays

So here’s a quiz. These are photos I took on my travels. They are all in Europe. Can you tell me what they are and, more interestingly perhaps, where I may have seen them?

Easiest ones first of course:

Good luck!

Answers next week! (or if you open the image in a new tab you can see my guess)

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Riverside Haunts

By the Rhone in Geneva: November 2016

Forget the ducks and swans on the lake. Wander downstream and follow the sweep of the river through rocky gorges and by open fields, through bits of woodland and past people’s back fences.

Leaving the pier at the point of Jonction, spot the Black headed gull with just the beauty spot on her white cheek. Further along in the gorge under the Pont Butin you’ll see Heron, tree perching rather than sit mid stream where the current is perhaps too strong, Or gliding to a refuge just that bit further from your lens. ¬†Crows are masters of all they survey from perches high atop the trees. Emerging into fields and a Buzzard rests on a fence post before sweeping off towards the nearby copse. Farther out from the town a Kestrel waits patiently on a telephone line. And in between the birds the countryside is glorious too.

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