May the sun come out soon!

May has been a bit damp to say the least. However, our feathered friends don’t seem to care.

The first two photos are really poor but I needed to have the very blurry Stonechat male to convince you that the slightly blurry female is his mate. They were a long way away!

The supermarkets no longer sell bird food in the spring. Sensible really, they should be fending for themselves (the birds that is). We can’t resist feeding them, though. The trouble is that I could go bankrupt trying to feed this blooming squirrel. He can get anywhere and will sit there stuffing his face all day.

When the squirrel leaves the woodpecker comes back. – He’ll peck away for hours too and chases off the sparrows. Still, at least he’s a bird.

A surprise visiter to the feeder was the starling. It’s a dull day so you miss the irridescence of the plumage.

A couple of weeks ago we were down by the stream and saw grey wagtails for the first time in Geneva, though my neighbour tells me they are very common.

We spotted a pair of jays getting material for a nest (a bit late maybe). The blackcap was near the horse farm and I feel lucky to have had a clear shot as they are very good at hiding.


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