Kes Thrills

Now either I’m bored by lockdown or you are. In anycase there’s always more to see.

Normally blackbirds scutter about the hedge bottom making a din and reminding us all of “Stairway to Heaven”. But today he decided to sit up in the plum tree, bold as brass and looking quite dapper. I got a few shots before I wondered, why the behaviour change? Cherchez la femme the French say. And there she is sitting in the hedge about three feet behind the plum tree. Is this the start of an early spring romance?

I mentioned the real coconut in an earlier post. It has no fans at all. The fake coconut is now increasingly popular even though it looks like a pacman!

But what of this dumb title : “Kes Thrills”?

Well, yesterday a Kestrel decided he was not in the least bit scared of us. What a treat to get so close.

He then did a wee circuit to allow us to catch his better side before hopping into the neighbouring pine at a dizzying height of 2.5 metres. He’d be real cute on a Christmas tree:-)

Bonne Dimanche!


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