Spring in the air.

I hope you can. Nice to see the snow disappear, even though the skiing’s been great.

Snowdrops have been lovely, and the crocuses are shouting their heads off at the sunshine. Primroses all over the lawn (sorry, the moss). Won’t be long before the daffodils are out.

The long tailed tits were back earlier in the week and today the crested tits made an appearance for the first time since I got the camera. He is seriously cute!



My book doesn’t help me determine if this was Mr or Mrs, but they were a pair. I have a good shot of the other one’s rear end if that would help?

We went to the wildlife photography exhibition at the V&A last week. Go if you can. It is amazing what some 10 year-olds can achieve. I think I learned two things.

  • I need a tripod
  • I need an enormous amount more patience

I mustn’t get discouraged 🙂



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