What we did on our summer holidays

So here’s a quiz. These are photos I took on my travels. They are all in Europe. Can you tell me what they are and, more interestingly perhaps, where I may have seen them?

Easiest ones first of course:

Good luck!

Answers next week! (or if you open the image in a new tab you can see my guess)


2 thoughts on “What we did on our summer holidays

  1. I reckon you saw A-D at home, and definitely the buzzard and the redstart (they nest above the blinds on our windows every year). You already told me where you saw the eagle, and I think you saw the curlew and shag when you were in Scotland too. But what is E???


  2. A and B aren’t local examples. E is a frequent visitor in our garden. We’ve even had a family.
    What about P? Try clicking the thumbnails to get a better view. Correct for Curlew and Shag, Carnoustie and Arbroath. Yes C & D are outside the front door! Very good so far!


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