May in Lockdown!


So we can only go out for exercise. We chose walking, staying within a half hour walk from home. I don’t think we’ll go stir crazy!

We are strange people who have enjoyed the total lack of commercial air travel and near total emptiness of the roads. Normal tidying of verges and hedgerows has also been stopped. This has been wonderful for the birds and the bees and us! We’ve walked first thing on a morning and generally that’s when I’ve taken the pictures. Evenings have been great too, especially for bird song and the wonderful perfumes of spring blossoms.

The morning sun is a bit of an obstacle to picking out colour, so identification has been a challenge sometimes, as has photography. I hope you enjoy the ones I thought worth sharing:

This is a blackcap, singing very sweetly and very loudly:


Next an obliging Greenfinch who was happy to pose:


This kite waits on the same wire every morning:


The stonechat and the linnet are elusive, here the focus is rubbish, but I love the colours:


There was one morning where the kites had decided to mount a guard around the vineyard. We think that there was flight/hunt training going on for the youngsters.


This couple were at the row end …..


The Heron, famous for waiting at the bus stop, has been a usual sighting. Here he borrowed our footpath for a while before showing off on the fence.



A special treat one evening was this very young nuthatch. Actually in the village outside the school car park.

Just finished a nice big spider… Picture which I’ll spare you 🙂


And finally the farmer has got back to work with haymaking happening in almost every field! We get kites after the tractors like the sea birds and crows back in Scotland. Notice the aviation car park in the background!


Hope these have been fun.

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