July Noted

As the last post talked about our morning walk, I thought it might be nice to share where we see some of our favourite birds. This month we’ve been lucky enough to localise a couple of nests and even get some pictures of the youngsters.

Walking uphill on the Route de Colovrex past the runway lights you can turn left on a quiet country lane (Chemin de Saint-Oyend) that winds round to the Horse farm and the village. The first 100 metres has a copse of trees full of kites, crows and smaller friends.

As the trees open out the fields on either side have herons, kites and sometimes the odd hare. The small roadside trees often have linnets.

As you near the farm the dense trees on the left have lots of finches. Greenfinches being the most common just now. These are ladies who lunch, see earlier posts for chaps who chomp.

Turning right at the farm you can enjoy the hens, goats, geese and assorted visitors to the farmyard before crossing the Route de Colovrex by the pedestrian crossing. About 50 metres on the left is a large pine where a kestrel family is currently installed.

Ignoring the chemin des Bisons on the left and continuing down, turning right on the footpath you come to a gap that cuts across the field to the Route du Valavran. In the trees on the right there is a huge kites’ nest with a somewhat sulky but noble inhabitant…

As mentioned, we’ve seen hares. Also foxes, Roe deer and a badger. The deer are fairly common in the evening, so I must start taking my camera later in the day!



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